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Over the past 10 years I have helped Clients visualize their stories and take them through initial concepts all the way to technical filming blueprints. I have worked one on one with Directors, Cinematographers, Producers, and Creative Agencies, the goal is always the same, help figure out the story the Client wants to tell , support it visually and then help them make that vision a reality. Film is a language and my job is to take the words on a page or just some loose ideas , extract the meaning, and translate them into this visual language so the audience can not just understand and see them, but also get an emotional response. 


I have produced pitch work, brainstormed sequences with directors and creatives on feature films and commercials, and made technical layout's based on physical locations and sets. Figuring out the best way to film sequences so they are both exciting and visually stimulating, and also keep it within our budget and physical limitations. I am comfortable working with the art department on location, in a studio setting, or as a sole vendor working remotely.

I use a variety of tools from simple pencil and paper to sketch out ideas to full CG renders with lights and textures. I have several machines and asset libraries that help me do my work in a timely manner and a motion capture studio that allows me to iterate through ideas rapidly and still show a high quality product. On my off time I am constantly doing R&D and creating new tools for my  workflow to keep pushing the envelope in both the quality and the speed of what I deliver to my clients.



Tel: 646-894-3868

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